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Philip Yaghmai - Project Engineer


Slow bindery production rate resulting in a non-competitive position in the market. Also, limiting press productivity by being a bottleneck.



Replace an existing old binder, long arm gatherer and its support equipment i.e. plastic wrappers, cranes, and hoists with new and more efficient equipment.

Some of the steps were:

1- Wrote and presented project justification.

2- Managed coordination of local production management, local unions, city planning, various contractors, engineering staff, equipment manufacturers, corporate management.

3- Removed and sold the old gatherer.

4- Installed all support equipment and utilities required for the installation of the new binder prior to its arrival.

5-  Installed the new binder and its support equipment.



1- Increased binder capacity.

2- Reduced maintenance labor.

3- Increased maintenance availability for the rest of the plant.

4– More trustworthy production scheduling.



Bindery System


Bindery System

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