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Press’s automatic signature stackers were unable to produce squared up bundles when certain signatures were involved. Therefore two strapper operators had to use their thumbs to catch the signatures at a specific time, hold, and then release them so to avoid making miss-stacked signatures. How ever this often resulted in either wrinkled corners or forgotten stacks. This resulted in two types of waste:

1- Banana shaped or “S” shaped bundles which fell off the pallets and were destroyed

2– The operator did catch the problem but due to the weight and frequency of the bundle his thumbs wrinkled the signature resulting in “Dog Ears” and the final product was wasted.


Replaced press folder’s operator’s thumb action with a mechanism that imitated that function automatically at the precise time needed. This did require the operator to do a short setup at the beginning of each new product run on the press.


Reduced wasted signatures and wasted books

Reduced stacker operator from two to one operator.

Increase press efficiency since the operators’ possible lack of speed was no longer a problem.


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