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Philip Yaghmai - Project Engineer

This project involved the following:

Perform a study as to the present practices of preventative maintenance.

Find the areas which were lacking-in or void of a preventative or predictive maintenance.

Investigate and suggest procedures and/or equipment to perform preventive and predictive maintenance.

Collect multiple quotations on various equipment, and labor costs (internal and external.)

Write justification for submission to management for an ROI of one year in emergency repairs avoidance.

Produce an implementation schedule

Order equipment and gain commitments on labor assignments

Implement project in phases


Some of the items implemented were:

Proper lubrication procedures

Scheduled inspection procedures

Design tools, fixtures, and procedures to response to previous accidents

Install vibration detectors

Purchase Infrared detectors and videography

Failure detection training for maintenance team

Ultrasound detectors

Machine at rest routine maintenance schedule

The drawing below reflects 2/3 of the plant providing the reader with an idea of projectís scope.


Predictive - Preventive


Predictive - Preventive

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