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Philip Yaghmai - Project Engineer

This project was for a pharmaceutical company in LA. Their need was to transfer blood plasma from one location to another. There were no overhead standard non corrosive monorails in the industry at the time. For sanitation purposes, the entire room was washed down with acid frequently, yet corrosion had to be avoided . My project involved the following:

01– Inspect the location.

02– Provide an agreed upon conceptual design.

03– Make a dimensionally correct layout

04– Design a Stainless Steel monorail.

05– Design a Stainless Steel Trolley.

06– Nickel Plate a standard Chain Hoist

07– Specify a proper Stainless Steel Chain and Container

08– Hire and educate an installer as to the need

09– Supervise the installation

10– Appropriate an approval from the buyers


Corrosion Res. Rail


Corrosion Res. Rail

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